Osteopathy is not just for conditions affecting the neck and low back, all the joints can be treated effectively from the head to the toes. Some conditions seem to come on gradually and without reason; these are normally due to small adaptive changes that our bodies make within our own environment and over long periods can overload the body. Then it becomes painful!

When you attend for treatment, there will first be a consultation to learn your medical history and the nature of your condition. Then you will be given a physical examination to determine exactly the problem that is giving the pain; it could be directly round the area of the spine, neck or limbs, or referred from another part. He will then explain in simple terms using models and charts what your problem is and how it can be corrected.

It is a remarkable fact that thousands of people in this country are living with pain or varying degrees of discomfort quite unnecessarily. Thousands of ‘man hours’ are lost to industry each year because of ‘Low back Strain’ and other joint and muscle pain.

How many people are walking around today who complain of aches and pains? Most of them do not need to do so. Most standard treatments they receive are for the relief of symptoms (symptom swatting), these are not a cure for their condition.



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Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Every form of pain and discomfort must have a cause. Numbness, pins and needles, aches and pains right up to the level of sheer agony as in Sciatica are all different levels of pain.

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